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I published the pattern for this cabled baby blanket on Ravelry. 🙂

Please let me know if I’ve made errors or if I can clean up any confusing parts!





SQUARE A WEEK 21. 5-18-14


week 21

Pattern: Tulip Lace

I added a 4 knit stitch border, so I cast 31+8 = 39.

Unless I am doing something wrong (which quite possibly could be) Row 7: Repeat Row 3 is kind of incorrect. At the end of Row 3 instructions,  it should say – *to last 6 stitches* YO, SL1,K1, PSSO,  — so it’s not a straightforward repeat row 3. (when knitting Row3, not the repeat, Row 3 is correct)

Yarn: O-Wool Worsted – Ash
Needles: 10″ size 8

week 21macro



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